Do you want to make sure your facility operates safely? Are you looking for a partner who can support you throughout the complete lifetime of your facility? Our products are developed to help you during the full operational lifecycle, whether you want to set up a list of requirements in the first phase or decommission in the last phase. NRG can support you during every phase, from start to finish. Independent and with proven expertise.
Safe operations

Safe operations

Safe operations means everything that makes your nuclear facility compliant, efficient and fit for purpose. We make sure your facility operates safely and optimally. We offer solutions for:

  • Fuel Management
  • Safety analyses
  • Licensing
  • Long Term Operation
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Asset Integrity


Safe Operations

Irradiation Services

Most of our research takes place in the High Flux Reactor (HFR). Do you want to know how that works? Find more information about the materials we irradiate here.

Irradiation services
Irradiation Services
Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection

Do you want to make sure you are working in line with the latest rules and legislation? Are you struggling with a more practical challenge? We can support you on all facets of radiation protection, no question is too complicated for us. We combine our knowledge about rules and regulations with practical experience. Additionally, we continuously expand our knowledge and expertise through our own research program. This enables us to help you now and in the future.

  • Employ a Radiation Protecion Expert
  • Measuring, Monitoring, Calibration
  • Software solutions


Radiation Protection

Waste Management

Every nuclear facility will reach its end of life. We have years of experience in handling radioactive waste safely, responsibly and efficiently. We also apply our expertise on decommissioning projects.

  • Characterising waste
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Consultancy


Waste Management
Waste Management


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The ROSA tool is very powerful and the team provides excellent training and support. Customer questions are always answered quickly and completely. Keep up the good work!
Dominion Energy Logo
Duane Twining
Dominion Energy
ROSA outperformed Vattenfall’s core reload solutions and provided us with substantial fuel cost savings. We are very happy with the support NRG is giving us; we recommend the use of ROSA to other utilities.
John Loberg
Principal Engineer Nuclear Fuel and Design Vattenfall
NRG offered important support in the development of the fatigue monitoring program of NPP Borssele and annually they provide us with the fatigue status of safety relevant passive components. Also they are flexible and have excellent knowledge to support us on demand with stress analyses of specific components such as valve bodies, branch connections and thermal sleeves
Piet Huibregtse
Lead Engineer Technical Department, NV EPZ, NPP Borssele
We prefer to have our NORM samples measured by NRG, not only because of the high quality, but also because of the good service and short lead time.
Raymond Slim
A number of times we have hired a radiation expert to apply for a new complex permit, and to develop a format for a specific risk analysis. We were supported in the actual implementation of the project because we were able to divide tasks, but also by the specific expertise of the consultant. We were full of praise for the knowledge and working method of the consultant as well as for the cooperation.
Heleen Huyten-Erkens
Algemeen Coördinerende Deskundige Stralingsbeschermingseenheid (SBE) Randwyck, CRISP-FHML
Because all permit matters are registered in one environment and the application uses smart signaling, ReGuard helps our organization to be “KEW compliant”.
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Jack Haagen
Algemeen coördinerend deskundige bij Noordwest ziekenhuisgroep