Ensuring Nuclear Performance

  • Unique Nuclear Infrastructure
  • Customisable solutions
  • Worldwide recognized expertise

Safe, reliable and efficient nuclear technology


Years in nuclear engineering and research

Continuous operation

Safe, reliable and efficient use of nuclear technology

Highly qualified engineers and consultants

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Your specific questions translated into customized irradiation projects. From conceptual design to examination in our hot cell labs: we help you reveal end-of-life time, speed of material degradation, qualification of materials and much more.

Optimal core loading patterns can result in major cost savings. With our innovative software, you can calculate your optimal core loading pattern within minutes.

Long Term Operation: continued safe operation for nuclear reactors for longer than original design life.

Non-destructive testing is essential to continue operating safely. Our inspection team performs inspections on highly radioactive and contaminated components in reactors. We notify you of the current state of your facility.

Education, supervision and consultancy to enable you to work safely with radioactivity.

Ensuring Nuclear Performance

Nuclear research and innovation

How does the world evolve in 10 or 20 years? We perform innovative research on nuclear energy and health.

  • 60+ years of experience in research and innovation
  • Central role in research into on nuclear energy and medicine
  • Safely working with radioactivity
  • Sustainability of materials

A few of our Success Stories

28 July 2020

Fuel creep irradiations for Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors: How the BLACKSTONE programme realised more than 40 years lifetime extension for EDF.

27 May 2020

NRG helped EPZ / Borssele and Ringhals to set up and go through a long term operation process. IAEA safety guideline 57 has been used as a basis for EPZ / Borssele in the Netherlands. The experience gained during the process in Borssele was then applied at Ringhals in Sweden. Read more on how both processes led to regulator approval.

29 June 2020

High Temperature Reactors are known for their high efficiency due to the high temperature and for being 'inherently safe’. Meaning that they can never have a core meltdown. The most important reason for this safety performance? The unique fuel that is used. Learn how NRG helped the Chinese Tsinghua University with their fuels.

27 July 2020

How we reduced operating costs for Vattenfall with €500,000 per cycle by using our fuel management software ROSA.

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Ensuring Nuclear Performance

NRG Ensuring Nuclear Performance, based in the Netherlands, unites more than 60 years of nuclear engineering, research, and 24/7 operational reactor experience into one unique purpose: the safe, reliable and efficient utilization of nuclear technology. We are a mid-sized organisation, with 140 highly qualified engineers and consultants and we deliver services and solutions in the area of nuclear safety, asset integrity, decommissioning and waste management, as well as radiation protection.

NRG is independent from other service providers, utilities, or regulatory bodies. In the Netherlands we have unique facilities in Petten (hot cells, radiochemical laboratories, decontamination and waste treatment facility) and in Arnhem (mock up hall for inspections) at our disposal.