NRG. Ensuring Nuclear Performance.

About us

We advance nuclear technology

Objective expertise. We provide independent evidence about the safety of facilities and processes. We ensure nuclear top performance. We use our knowledge and experience to provide solutions for people and environment. We are Nuclear. For Life.

We continuously work on the safe and responsible application of radiation and nuclear technology. We help the industry, the government and hospitals.

Together we look for new solutions, innovations and ways to facilitate the challenges of today and tomorrow. Combining curiosity, knowledge, funds and facilities, we work on achieving progress with safety as our major condition. Through our advanced Research & Development infrastructure experts and academics from all over the world cooperate on multiple disciplines.

Inspections, modelling, calculations, software tools and our knowledge and expertise stand at your disposal. Tailor-made and quality-driven, we Ensure Nuclear Performance.



Passionate people

No challenge is too complex: we design solutions, manufacture them and apply them to solve your problem. Working hard on unravelling the problem and getting results.

To innovate and unburden, that is our goal. Professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness are the foundation in everything we do.

Complex problem solving is what makes us tick

Our history

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2019 Ensuring Nuclear Performance

NRG combines Nuclear Consultancy and Nuclear Research in one: NRG Ensuring Nuclear Performance. This step supports the importance of nuclear knowledge and research to better people and environment.

1998 NRG

All nuclear activities of ECN and KEMA are put in a daughter firm named NRG (Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group), resulting in an operational boundary between ECN sustainable energy and NRG.

1976 ECN

RCN becomes ECN. Research into sustainable energy solutions is started.

1961 HFR and 1960 LFR

Petten starts operating the first Dutch nuclear reactor: the Low Flux Reactor (LFR). The LFR is successfully decommissioned years later by NRG, in 2010. In 1961, the High Flux Reactor in Petten is operational.

1927 KEMA and 1955 RCN

KEMA was founded in Arnhem in 1927. KEMA evolves from an inspection service for electrical equipment to an internationally operating consultancy firm in the field of energy. RCN (Dutch Reactor Centre) is established in 1955 and focuses on the peaceful application of nuclear energy.