Safe Operations

  • Compliancy & efficiency for your facility
  • Optimised processes
  • Safe and optimal operation

Safe Operations in a nutshell

Safe operations means everything that makes your facility compliant and efficient. We enable your facility to operate safely and optimally.


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Joost van den Broek
Manager Consultancy & Services

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  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Quick response to core questions
  • 30+ power plants worldwide
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  • Europe`s leading ageing management and LTO expert
  • Successful LTO projects in multiple countries
  • In full compliance with IAEA Safety Standards
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  • Tailor-made service
  • Independent advice
  • Experienced consultants
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  • Innovative, automated inspections
  • Uniqie research- and testfacility
  • Independent and objective results
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  • Extensive knowledge of nuclear facilities
  • Specialist in rules and legislation
  • Independent and internationally recognized
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  • Qualified computer codes
  • Recognised IAEA expert status
  • Probabilistic and deterministic expertise (L1, 2 and 3)
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Safe Operations

About Safe Operations

Safe Operations helps you to operate your (nuclear) facility safely and optimally. At every stage of a project. Our areas of expertise:

  • Fuel Management: We help you to save money by optimal core loading and shortening the time to switch fuel. We have developed software that can calculate the optimal core loading pattern for your reactor core, enabling you to operate optimally.
  • Long Term Operation: Continuous operation beyond the original planned lifetime of your facility? Only possible when safety is ensured! NRG analyses the aging of your facility and advises you how to mitigate the aging process. We enable you to support your decision to continue operating, including demonstration to the regulator.
  • Asset Integrity: We also assess the current state of your facility and which components need maintenance in the near future. We advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your facility. You are enabled to focus on the components that most need replacement.
  • Inspection & Services: NRG offers tailor made inspections. Objects that will be inspected are replicated in our test facility for certification, training and verification purposes.
  • Nuclear Licensing: Building a new reactor? Or do you want to modify your existing facility? NRG can support you in the entire licensing process, from application to implementation.
  • Safety analyses: We help you gain insight in the safety of your installation. We can support you in any project phase, to enable you to focus time and resources most efficiently.

Projects we are proud of

27 July 2020

Fuel management

How we reduced operating costs for Vattenfall with €500,000 per cycle by using our fuel management software ROSA.

NRG helped EPZ / Borssele and Ringhals to set up and go through a long term operation process. IAEA safety guideline 57 has been used as a basis for EPZ / Borssele in the Netherlands. The experience gained during the process in Borssele was then applied at Ringhals in Sweden. Read more on how both processes led to regulator approval.

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Safe operations - Joost Vd Broek

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Joost van den Broek
Manager Consultancy & Services
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