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Automated and efficient Non-Destructive Testing, tailor-made for your situation. The Inspection & Services team helps you perform Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Non-Destructive Testing

Are you looking for a Non-Destructive Testing or Inspection partner? The Inspection & Services team from NRG has years of experience performing inspections on reactor components. We enable you to operate optimally, safely and reliably.

How do we perform Non-Destructive Testing?

Highly radioactive and contaminated components are hard to access for human personnel. Therefore we develope special tooling, combining inspection equipment and robotics. The resulting remotely controlled inspection is performed on site, in a quick, efficient and responsible manner. The types of inspections we perform are:

  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Eddy Current inspection
  • Visual inspection

NRG is your partner for Non-Destructive Testing. We are especially proficient in performing regular inspections, or inspecting difficult to reach components in your facility. Contact us for the possibilities!

Mensen 0975 Inspectie Services (400X400)
Onderzoek Inspection Services

Ultrasonic and Eddy Current inspection of weld in reactor vessel

To inspect a difficult to reach weld in a reactor vessel, the Inspection & Services team from NRG developed a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). By combining our ROV with an ultrasonic scanner and Eddy Current sensors, we were able to inspect the weld at 20 meters of depth within two hours.

Under supervision of a nuclear regulator, this technique and our Inspection Team personnel has been successfully ENIQ-qualified on open and blind test subjects.

Visual inspection of reactor vessel

Meticulously we mapped and assessed a reactor vessel, centimetre by centimetre. We use our tailor-made software to increase the quality of visual inspections. The camera maps the location of the images.

Ultrasonic inspection of bolts

How do you assess the condition of tap ends without disassembling components? We developed a robot able to guide a phased array sensor over the tap end. Software sends the ultrasonic sounds along the threads in the tap end. In one rotation, the whole tap end is assessed!

Our technique is tested on tap ends with small, deliberately applied tears to ensure quality and provide technical substantiation.

Ultrasoon Onderzoek Van Bouten
Wervelstroom Onderzoek

Eddy Current inspection

Combining an Eddy Current probe with ultrasonic sensors, we are able to surface inspection of welds on a pump. Our Ectane device enables us to make very efficient use of the available inspection time.

Our technique was qualified on a 1:1 reference piece of the weld, available in our test facility in Arnhem. All personnel is trained on using the devices in the same facility.

Visual inspection of fuel elements

For the purpose of inspecting fuel elements, our Inspection & Services team has developed an inspection tool, that can photograph and measure objects without coming into contact with them. Despite the required distance, the device measures with a precision of 100µm. A software package had been developed to automatically perform profile analyses.

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Martin Bakker
Manager Inspection & Services