NRG Academy

The NRG Academy provides a wide range of courses in the field of radiation protection and nuclear technology. The NRG Academy is recognised by the Dutch government (ANVS) for this purpose. We offer (refresher) courses, e-learnings and trainings with virtual reality.

Our offer is aimed to anyone working with ionising radiation or nuclear technology, or anyone who is interested in these subjects. We teach different groups ranging from a professional in a reactor to an interested school student. Our course portfolio is in line with our mission:

"making knowledge on radiation protection and nuclear technology accessible and training professionals so that they can work safely and responsibly with ionising radiation"

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Will you soon be working with radioactive substances or devices that emit ionising radiation? Or do you have the ambition to develop yourself further in the field of radiation protection or nuclear technology? We are happy to educate you!

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  • Specialised (guest) lecturers
  • Practicals in our own facilities
  • 3-in-1 training
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  • Recognised diploma
  • Practically aimed training
  • Most often chosen training for working with radioactive substances
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Refresher courses mathematics

Mathematical skills and understanding are necessary for proper attendance at our courses. During the mathematics refresher courses, all the necessary mathematical knowledge will be covered and skills will be refreshed that are required to follow the courses properly. Topics covered include: logarithmic arithmetic, integrating exponentials, differential arithmetic and statistics.

Our refresher courses:


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NRG Academy

Tailored training programmes and location

Our team is providing education and instructions every day. The NRG Academy organises trainings in:

  • Petten
  • Alkmaar
  • Op locatie

Would you like to know more about tailor-made courses or do you have any other questions about our courses? We would like to get in touch with you.