Looking for education on radiation protection or nuclear technology? We can help you!

The Academy offers a wide range of courses on radiation protection and nuclear technology and is recognized by the ANVS (the Dutch regulator). We have years of experience in various sectors. Our courses are created by professionals, for professionals.

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  • NRG organises courses in:
  • Radiation Protection 
  • E-learning
  • Nuclear training
  • Refresher training in mathematics


Education locations

  • Petten (The Netherlands)
  • Alkmaar (The Netherlands)
  • Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Zoom

We also lead on-site courses at your preferred location. Find out more about our tailor-made courses. 



Tailor-made education programmes

Team Academy provides nuclear education every day. In Petten or Alkmaar, and on requested locations. Would you like to know more about tailor-made courses or do you have any other questions about our courses?

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NRG provides training in:

  • Petten
  • Alkmaar
  • Your location