Radiation Protection Expert (RPE)

  • Specialised (guest) lecturers
  • Medical and nuclear in-field experience
  • Practicals in our own facilities

Radiation Protection Expert

11 January 2024

The RPE course

The RPE course (formerly known as Level 3), educates you to be a radiation protection expert on the level of coordinating expert. After this course you are well-equipped to estimate radiation risks and communicate those, to apply for Dutch nuclear licenses and to comply with them, draft and assess radiation risk assessment (RRA), adequately respond in case of an incident with radiation and on the professional development of the organisation. After finishing the course you receive a diploma which is recognised by the Dutch government.


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  • Price: € 7,995.00
  • Number of participants: Ranging from 8 to 20

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Radiation Protection Expert

This course is suitable for:

  • Medical physics expert in training,
  • Policy-making, licensing or inspection officer in the field of radiation protection or nuclear safety,
  • Scientist, (para)medic, radiation controller, nuclear plant operator, QHSE officer, consultant and anyone with an interest in radiation protection.

Are you a reactor plant operator? A Specialised expert? Or do you want to deepen your knowledge of this field? Then this course is also very suitable for you!

What makes this radiation protection expert course so unique?



NRG has extensive experience in radiation protection. We have built up experience working with our own nuclear facilities in which medical isotopes are produced and processed. We also supply radiation protection experts (RPEs) to companies in the healthcare, process and nuclear industries. As an external RPE, we prepare RRAs and nuclear licence applications. We also have practical experience in performing radiation measurements and with radiological incidents.

Whether it is dosimetry, contamination, radiation monitoring, licensing or communication, the NRG Academy lets leading experts teach and speak during the course. Most teachers have practical experience in addition to their positions as teachers.

Both the theoretical and practical parts of the RPE course are taught at the Energy and Health campus in Petten. The location is located between the dunes and near the beach in Petten. Several unique nuclear facilities can be seen on the site, namely the High Flux Reactor and the Hot Cell Laboratories. This is where medical isotopes are produced and processed, eventually reaching hospitals and patients.


  • Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Radioactive decay and types of ionising radiation
  • Interaction of ionising radiation with matter
  • Detection
  • Biological effects
  • Dosimetry and dosimetric quantities
  • Laws and regulations
  • Practical radiation protection
  • Communication
  • Radiation Risk Assessment and Nuclear Energy Act license application
  • Ethics

A detailed program will be sent after registration.

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Structure of the training

The RPE course consists of 20 contact days, including an exam and follow-up discussion/diploma presentation. In addition to the contact hours, you will spend about 20 days on self-study. The various forms of work can be found below.

Theory classes consisting of a mix of:

  • Lectures
  • Homework reviews
  • Multiple-choice practice tests
  • Discussions
  • Practice with smaller issues

Exercise classes:

  • Practice with larger exercises
  • Permit applications
  • Drawing up Job Safety Assessments (JSAs)
  • Communication training





Exam training:

  • Central written exam (taking the test consisting of released essay type questions in the morning, in the afternoon there is a review and discussion)
  • Institute-specific ready knowledge exam (answering questions in class under the guidance of the lecturer)

Practical work, where theory is applied and brought to life


  • Institute-based ready knowledge part
  • National, essay type questions, written exam

Debriefing of the exam (optional)

Radiation Protection Expert

Required prior knowledge and experience

NRG recommends a prior education at a bachelor level (preferably in a technical field). You will also need a solid basic knowledge of mathematics and physics.

The following mathematical skills are required for this program:

  • Logarithmic arithmetic
  • Integration of exponentials
  • Differential calculus
  • Statistics

If you want to refresh your knowledge, sign up for a mathematics refresher course. This course takes two mornings, after which you will be ready to become a radiation protection expert.

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If you want to refresh your knowledge, sign up for a mathematics refresher course. This course takes two mornings, after which you will be ready to become a radiation protection officer.

The course adheres to the standards of the course as set by the Dutch government. These standards can be found in Appendix 5.1, section C of the “regulation on basic safety standards for radiation protection [Dutch law]

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