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Irradiation Services in a Nutshell

Would you like to know how your material behaves in a nuclear reactor? We predict the lifetime behavior of materials in radioactive environments.


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Arjan Vreeling
Manager R&D Nuclear Fuels & Materials

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  • One-stop-shop for fuel irradiation projects
  • Fuel testing and qualification for license applications
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  • Low and high dose irradiation capacity
  • Decades of experience with wide range of structural materials
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  • Irradiations tailored for Molten Salt Reactors
  • Dedicated research for the MSR developers
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Irradiation Services

About Irradiation Services

Safe and responsible nuclear energy, both for existing and innovative nuclear energy systems. How do we do that? Via irradiation projects that combine the perfect mix of skilled professionals and NRG’s state-of-art infrastructure.

We translate your specific questions into customized irradiation projects: from conceptual design to tailored fabrication in our work-shop; from irradiation at the HFR (High Flux Reactor) to examination at our hot cell labs; from nuclear transport to storage and waste treatment.

We help you by performing accelerated tests that reveal end-of life time, speed of material degradation, qualification on new materials or fuels and much more.

Typical activities that we carry out in our daily work are:

  • Manufacture and handling of fuel and materials samples in a safe and isolated environment
  • Design and build irradiation facilities 100% in-house
  • Irradiation under well controlled and stable conditions
  • Monitoring of crucial parameters such as: gas flow, gas composition, temperature, strain, sample dimensions, etc..

Material Irradiation Services

Materials in nuclear reactors are exposed to high levels of radiation. High temperature, corrosive environment and the interaction with radiation changes the behavior of the material. This impacts the service life of the reactor, operational performance and safety

We asses and describe material behavior under accelerated irradiation conditions. Hereby, we take a look into the future and predict their behavior in real use. 

Irradiation Services
Irradiation Services

Fuel Irradiation Services

The generation of nuclear energy depends on the safety and performance of nuclear fuels in the reactor core.

We determine and measure the behavior of new and existing nuclear fuels under irradiation conditions. Hereby, we support the continuous improvement of  nuclear fuels.

Molten Salt Reactor Irradiation Services

Molten Salt Reactor is in theory one strong candidate as sustainable and safer energy source for the future.

With the resurge of interest in Molten Salt Reactor by the global community, NRG acted by setting-up a thorough research program that targets specific needs of this technology. This unique research effort shall help bringing molten salt reactors closer to reality.

Irradiation Services

Fuel Creep: an introduction

Creep is the deformation of fuel under stress and is an important parameter for nuclear fuel. It helps in reducing stresses on the cladding of fuel in power reactors. NRG has developed a new technique to measure fuel creep at high temperatures with very high accuracy.

Fuel Creep

A few of our success stories

Fuel creep irradiations for Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors: How the BLACKSTONE programme realised more than 40 years lifetime extension for EDF.

High Temperature Reactors are known for their high efficiency due to the high temperature and for being 'inherently safe’. Meaning that they can never have a core meltdown. The most important reason for this safety performance? The unique fuel that is used. Learn how NRG helped the Chinese Tsinghua University with their fuels.

In 2015 NRG started together with the European Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Karlsruhe a series of nuclear fuel irradiation experiments to support the development of Molten Salt Reactor technology.

In 2016 NRG concluded the first part on the Qualification of the ITER First Wall Assemblies, the second part is conducted at the premises of project partner Forsungzentrum Juelich in 2018.

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Arjan Vreeling
Manager R&D Nuclear Fuels & Materials
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