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RPO - Dispersible radioactive substances level D

02 April 2024

The RPO DRS-D Course

This hands-on course trains staff who supervise operations with dispersible radioactive substances (open sources) at D-level radionuclide laboratories, with a maximum radioactivity of 0.2 Reinh.

Are you not in a supervisory role, but do you work with radioactive substances in dispersible form? Then this course is also very suitable for you! This course then counts as the mandatory instruction focused on the radiation risks of the working environment.


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  • Price: € 3,145.00
  • Number of participants: Ranging from 8 to 20

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Structure of the RPO DRS-D course

The RPO DRS-D course consists of 7 contact days including the exam, in which the following working methods are applied:

  • Classroom theory lessons consisting of a mix of:
    • Lectures
    • Homework discussions
    • Multiple-choice practice tests
    • Discussions
    • Practice with small assignments
  • Exercise classes:
    • Practice with larger exercises
    • Communication skills and attitude (soft skills): practice with incidents and other casuistry
  • Exam training:
    • Performing practice exams with extensive review of the questions
  • Practical work, where theory is applied and brought to life
  • Exam
  • Review of the exam (optional)

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If you want to refresh your knowledge, sign up for a mathematics refresher course. This course takes two mornings, after which you will be ready to become a radiation protection officer.


Besides contact hours, you will spend about 32 hours on self-study.

Learning outcomes of the course

The course adheres to the standards of the course as set by the Dutch government. These standards can be found in Appendix 5.2, section E-3 of the “Regeling basisveiligheidsnormen stralingsbescherming (Rbs) [Dutch law]

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