Nuclear licensing

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Do you need support on safety assessments or a nuclear licence applications? Or do you need to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment, Periodic Safety Review (PSR) or Long Term Operation (LTO) project? We solve your nuclear safety or licensing issues. We offer independent expert advice, tailored to your situation.

Safety assessments and licence applications

Do you want to design a new nuclear facility or modify an existing one? A thorough safety assessment is key for your licence!

NRG offers full support on nuclear and radiological aspects for safety cases. Design specifications, safety analysis, or setting up licensing documents such as Safety reports, radiological Environmental Impact Assessments, or licence applications: we can help you. Our goal is to establish an efficient and cost-effective project together with you. From the start until final approval from the regulator.

We have previously performed multiple successful projects for different nuclear operators, such as EPZ/Borssele NPP, ENGIE Doel & Tihange NPP, PALLAS, Urenco, COVRA, and Reactor Institute Delft (RID).

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Nuclear licensing

Periodic Safety Review (PSR)

Every 10 years a systematic list covering all safety aspects of a nuclear installation is evaluated according to regulations. These aspects include:

  • Installation & design
  • Maintenance & aging
  • Analysis method
  • Safety culture
  • Organisation & procedures

NRG can support you during this Periodic Safety Review. We apply our specific expertise, experience and experts to manage the entire process. This enables you to execute a thorough PSR and comply with the latest safety standards.

NRG can also support you in implementing and applying the lessons learned from the PSR.

Read our reference list below for more information about our past experiences.

Long Term Operation (LTO)

Long Term Operation (LTO) of nuclear facilities is a topic with international attention anticipating on the maturing fleet of reactors. Technical assessments, together with organisational aspects are to be assessed systematically to demonstrate safe long term operation to the regulator and society. NRG can advise you on (parts of) LTO projects, or even carry out LTO projects together with your organisation. We assist several nuclear facilities worldwide in their LTO projects.

Nuclear licensing
Nuclear licensing

Customers we've worked with

  • EPZ Borssele NPP, support in:
  • Periodic Safety Reviews (PSR) in 2003 and 2013, writing the Basis Documents (scoping, reference levels cf. IAEA SSG-25), the review of all SF reports and writing the Global Assessment report.
  • (Radiological) Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) for a number of modifications over the last 20 years.
  • Updating the Technical Specifications and Safety Assessment Report.
  • Support in design, safety assessment and nuclear license applications for numerous small and larger modifications.
  • ARREVA, support in drafting design documents and performance of the safety assessment for OL3, the newly built NPP in Finland.
  • Oskarsham & Ringhals NPP: support in set-up and management of LTO.
  • Atucha, NPP: support in set-up and management of LTO, PSR 2018 support in drafting the Global Assessment Report.
  • URENCO Uranium Enrichment Facility: PSR 2017, safety report, safety assessments and license applications
  • COVRA Radioactive Waste Storage Facility: PSR 2009 and 2019, design reviews, safety assessments of modifications, EIA.
  • All nuclear safety assessments, updating of safety documentation and license applications for HFR Research Reactor and Hot Cell Laboratories in Petten, NL.
  • PALLAS Research Reactor: EIA, design & safety reviews, safety report, license application.

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