Safety analyses

  • Qualified computer codes
  • Recognised IAEA expert status
  • Probabilistic and deterministic expertise (L1, 2 and 3)

Safety analyses in a nutshell

We provide insight into the risks of your facility and processes, so that you have a good understanding of the safety of your facility and the immediate living environment. This allows us to identify and address vulnerabilities for safety or reliability. For a safe working and living environment!


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Aleksandra Kotlewska

Aleksandra Kotlewska
Team manager Risk & Reliability

Safety analyses

Safety analyses - an overview

You must comply with laws and regulations when working with or storing radioactivity. Do you want to build a new laboratory, renovate or change your reactor or is it time for your 10 EVA? Then you want to be sure that everything in your organisation is set up safely and according to the rules. We happily take care of this.

We are experts in probabilistic analyses (L1, L2, L3) and deterministic analyses. We work with supporting analysis software. When necessary, we make customised risk models. We perform safety analyses for:

  • Periodic evaluations such as 10 EVA
  • Licensing
  • Management and maintenance of your facility
  • Design for new construction and renovation of your facility
  • Infrastructural works, storm surge barriers, wind turbines and other safety related structures

As an independent and highly experienced partner, we answer numerous questions about the safety, risks and weaknesses of your (nuclear) facility and the living environment. We make professional analyses and reports with a wide range of qualified methods and computer codes and ensure that you have everything in order within the framework of the laws and regulations - KEW and ANVS -.

Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)

We make a Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) or Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) to identify risks in a nuclear facility.

In a PSA we systematically establish a link between deviations and possible unwanted consequences, using the advanced computer codes Risk Spectrum in Level 1, Melcor in Level 2 and COSYMA / NUDOS in Level 3. This provides insight into the weak points of the facility. and the chances that something could go wrong.

Safety analyses
Safety analyses

Thermo-hydraulic analyses

How does your facility react to incidents? Do you want to know more about the thermal-hydraulic safety aspects of your facility?

We use qualified computer codes to model the behavior of your facility. For both Research & Development and commercial projects, we are ready to support you.

Nuclear thermal-hydraulic analyses


SPECTRA is our in-house developed code for thermal-hydraulic analyses. The code is used for a multitude of applications and can be specifically tuned to your needs. It can perform calculations for every possible nuclear facility

  1. Efficient and user friendly
  2. Completely tailor made for your facility
  3. Easily swap between different coolants
Safety analyses

Why our customers choose us

• Our expert status is recognised by authorities. The IAEA regularly asks us to design guidelines for performing a high quality PSA.

• We are one of the few in the world to offer full scope PSA at levels 1, 2 and 3.

• We have probabilistic and deterministic expertise and use reliable and proven effective software.

• In addition to a report and the requested permits, we provide an analysis of safety factors that you must take into account in the near future.

• We can assist you in meetings with ANVS, so that you can trust that all safety aspects are covered according to the rules.

Projects we are proud of

We have more than 50 years of experience in safety analysis in the nuclear industry.

  • Full scope PSA for Dodewaard Nuclear Power Plant, Borssele Nuclear Power Station, the High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten and the Hoger Onderwijs Reactor (HOR) in Delft
  • Hazard analysis for the scheduled BWR in Wylfa (UK
  • Level-1 and Level-2 PSA for Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant (Slovakia)

For more than 40 years, we have been making failure probability assesments for Rijkswaterstaat:

  • For almost all storm surge barriers, locks and structures
  • Life Cycle Cost Management analyses - maintenance optimisation and risk analysis of wind turbines
  • Water safety
  • External safety of wind turbines
Safety analyses

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Aleksandra Kotlewska

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