Asset Integrity

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Asset integrity means the continued safe operation of your facilities. With our analyses, assessments and knowledge about failure behaviour, we join you in working on the future of your facility.

Determining Asset Integrity

Is this defect in the weld acceptable? Are the vital components of my processing plant fit for purpose? Can I continue operating safely, without unplanned downtime? What is the remaining life of the components in my plant? Our analyses enable you to be in control of the safety of your facility. Now and in the future.

Mechanical assessments

Do you want to know the status of the structural components in your facility? We assess the stress, strain and deformation using a finite element code. The results are tested for compliance to international standards such as ASME B&PV code, API579 or EN13445. You are enabled to design efficient plans to replace aged or damaged components.

Mechanische Beoordelingen
Design By Analysis

Design by Analysis

We employ our Design by Analysis method to help you design your facility. Even when you are working with complex geometries. We can demonstrate compliancy to customer rules, as well as international codes. These include ASME B&PV Code and EN13445. You are enabled to meet your own requirements and demands.

Fracture and crack growth analysis

Can you continue operating with detected anomalies in a component? When do you need to stop production to replace it? Using BS7910, API 579 and R6 codes we calculate the remaining lifetime of the components in your facility. You can focus on operating safely and efficiently.

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Breuk En Scheurgroei Analyses

Frederic Blom
Manager Nuclear Compliance and Projects

Knowledge and capabilities

Apart from mechanical assessments, design support and other analyses, our experts are able to help you with:

  • BS7910, API579 & R6 compliant fracture mechanics
  • Crack growth analyses
  • Structural mechanical analyses compliant with the ASME, EN or API codes
  • Stress and fatigue analyses
  • Coupled transient thermo-mechanical analyses
  • Dynamic (seismic) analyses
  • Impact of explosion analyses
  • Fatigue lifetime assessments

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Frederic Blom
Manager Nuclear Compliance and Projects