Molten Salt Irradiations

  • Irradiations tailored for Molten Salt Reactors
  • Public R&D and/or dedicated research for the MSR developers
  • From concept design to irradiation experiments

NRG is your partner for the development and qualification of materials and fuels for Molten Salt Reactors

About Material Irradiations

NRG has a long history of testing materials and fuels for current and advanced nuclear reactors using its complete infrastructure and the comprehensive know-how of its staff.  

An interest in developing Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technology resurged in recent years as a response to a worldwide growing interest in MSRs as alternative CO2-neutral energy sources. Molten Salt Reactors are, at least in theory, ideally suited to fulfill requirements on economy, safety and sustainability. NRG plays a crucial role in the development of these reactors in being able to test and validate the fitness-for-purpose of salt fuels, structural materials, components and instrumentation. 

With our unique research infrastructure and capabilities we hope to contribute to bringing molten salt reactors closer to reality.

Typical activities that we carry out in our daily work are:

  • Manufacture and handling of fuel and materials samples in a safe and inert environment
  • Design and build irradiation facilities 100% in-house Irradiation under stable and predictable neutron flux and spectrum for 270 full power days per year,
  • Irradiation under stable and predictable neutron flux and spectrum for 270 full power days per year
  • Development of sensors for in-situ monitoring of crucial parameters such as: gas flow, gas composition, temperature, strain, sample dimensions
  • After irradiation: examination, characterization and mechanical testing of samples
  • Treatment and storage of nuclear waste
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More about Molten Salt?

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Molten Salt Innovation Project

Read all about the first Molten Salt irradiation experiment with molten salt nuclear fuel since the 60’s. 

Molten Salt Reactor F.A.Q.

Questions about Molten Salt Reactors? We have combined all frequently asked questions and answered them. 


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