Laboratory services

  • Measuring alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Recognised certificates ISO9001 and ISO17025
  • High and low activity samples

Laboratory services in a nutshell

Do you want to know the radioactivity levels of your material? Do you need a licence to transport radioactive material? With our analysis, you'll know what to do!


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Marcel Raspe
Team Manager Laboratory Services

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What is a radiochemical analysis?

Are you interested in the radioactivity level of a material? Firstly, together we discuss the possibilities and best options for measuring. Next, we take a sample or you send one to us. We then efficiently measure the level of radioactivity in our laboratories. Even samples containing high levels of radioactivity are no problem. 

Why do we want to measure radioactivity?

Why are precise radioactivity level measurements necessary? A couple of reasons are: 

  • Do you want to transport radioactive materials? You then need to know the composition of the material in order to comply with the ADR. We can analyse the material and give you its exact composition, enabling you to transport the material.
  • Working with radioactive materials means producing waste. Do you need to deliver this waste to a processing plant, COVRA for example? The processing plant will ask you to comply to the WAC ( Waste Acceptance Criteria). The WAC regulates the composition and external radiation dose of your waste. We help you determine the exact composition, to advise you on the type of packaging necessary to transport the material.
  • Naturally Occuring Radioactove Materials (NORM) are found in nature. Before further processing, these materials need to be categorised either as exempt, possession subject to notification, or as permit. We help you analyse the material to determine the category.
Laboratory Services
Laboratory Services

How are samples analysed?

The samples you send are analysed in Petten. For the analysis, we use:

  • High Purity Germanium (HP Ge) Gamma-detectors
  • Low Level Liquid Scintillation Counter systemen (for beta radiation)
  • Total alpha-counters and alpha-spectrometry systems
  • Spectrofluorometers
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)
  • Röntgen devices (for example for plant and insect-irradiation)

The laboratory is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 (L621) and certified according to ISO 9001.

We prefer to have our NORM samples measured by NRG, not only because of the high quality, but also because of the good service and short lead time. -Raymond Slim, REYM B.V.

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