Measuring, monitoring and calibrations

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Measuring, monitoring and calibrations in a nutshell

Software plays a major role in applying nuclear technology safely and responsibly. Managing a nuclear licence, disposing nuclear waste or monitoring operational activities: software is essential and indispensable.


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Management, maintenance and calibration of radiation measurement equipment

Are precise and trustworthy radiation measurements important to your organisation? Do you need assistance in setting up efficient processes to monitor radiation measurement equipment? NRG helps you maintain, calibrate and repair a broad range of devices. Our experts are happy to assist!

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Transmission measurements

Do you want to know whether the shielding of a certain room is sufficient? We make sure shielding material is installed correctly by applying transmission measurements. You are enabled to use the room in a safe and responsible manner. The way it should be!

Environmental measurements

Do you want to determine the impact of radioactivity on the surrounding environment? NRG helps you translate compliancy demands from licences into efficient measurement methods and monitoring software. We combine our expertise on calculations and measurements for all types of environmental discharges. You are therefore enabled to continue with your current waste stream, with a certainty about your impact on the environment.

Filter tests

Do you work in the nuclear sector? Do you want to know more about the quality of the filtering systems that are used in your facility? NRG tests these systems to determine noble gas delay, iodine capture and the quality factor of aerosol filters. We report any possible anomalies back to you.

Laboratory Services

The precise content and activity of a material is sometimes necessary for transport, removal or storage purposes. NRG has years of experience analysing samples to solve this problem. We analyse a wide range of sample types, from low to high levels of radioactivity. From Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material to reactor core components during decommissionig, we can help you.

Measuring, monitoring and calibrating

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