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Do you have a specific question concerning radiation protection? With over 50 years of experience in the nuclear sector, our experts excel at radiation protection issues. Below you find an overview of the most common services we provide. Do you have a problem that is not on this page? Contact us for a tailor made solution for your organisation!

(Regular) Radiation Protection Expert

Are you looking for (temporary) support from a radiation protection expert on your nuclear licence? Or would you like to get help with setting up a licence? NRG aids you in fulfilling the formal role of radiation protection expert and officer, in the short and long-term. Our experts can also be employed on various projects. Contact us for the possibilities!

Coordinerend Straling
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Licence application

Do you need to apply for a new licence and are you looking for help during that process? Or do you need help modifying your current licence? NRG supports you in applying for new licences and modifying existing ones. From dentists to hospitals: we take care of your licence. Contact us for the possibilities.

Management support

Do you need support with preparing complex nuclear and/or policy decisions? Are you looking for an independent reviewer? NRG can support you on:

  • Business expertise
  • Legal knowledge
  • Radiation Protection expertise

Our services are independent and tailor-made to your situation and problem. We help you make policy decisions by supplying you with the correct information and expertise. Contact us for more information.

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Operational support

Do you need a Radiation Protection expert to guide or perform projects? Are you looking for independent supervision? Or do you have a question about the operation of your facility? Our Radiation Protection experts are experienced in many fields of the nuclear sector. No question is too complex for us. We enable you to perform your projects safely and responsibly. Contact us for the possibilities.

Calculations and modelling

Are you looking for more information on the impact of nuclear technology on the environment and your personnel? NRG is very experienced in complex modelling and calculations. Our Radiation Protection experts model the spread of radioactivity in air, water and the ground. Additionally, we perform calculations to decide what type of shielding is necessary to protect from radiation. The possibilities are limitless, contact us for a solution made for you!

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