Software Solutions

  • In-house software development team
  • Knowledge of radiation and legislation
  • More than 50 years operational experience

Software Solutions in a nutshell

We believe software plays a major role in applying nuclear technology safely and responsibly. Managing a nuclear licence, disposing nuclear waste or monitoring operational activities: software is essential and indispensable.


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ReGuard, the digital nuclear compliance tool

ReGuard helps to really gain control over your nuclear licence responsibilities. Everything you need to do and maintain contained in one simple software package. This tool offers a quick and efficient overview, so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

With ReGuard, the best tool for managing your nuclear licence documentation is within reach.

Waste Control Pro (BB)

Are you working on transporting radioactive waste safely and responsibly? Would you like to employ a useful tool, specially built to support you? NRG developed Waste Control PRO, a tool used for efficiently registering waste streams. Contact us for more information.

Smart Monitoring (BB)

Are you looking for smart solutions to inspect measurement equipment, collect data and process this data to manage information? NRG combines unique experience in nuclear safety and compliance along with technical knowledge about radiological measuring devices and software. We provide tailor-made solutions. Contact us for more information.

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