Safety analyses

  • Qualified computer codes
  • Applicable to every project phase
  • Specifically tailored to your installation

We enable you to gain insight in the risks of the processes in your facility. Using this insight, we can identify and strengthen the weakest links in your facility concerning safety and reliability. The best Dutch experts are ready to assist you.

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Safety analyses - an overview

Do you want to make sure your facility or process operates safely and reliably? What is the safety situation of your facility? What about the safety impact on the environment? Which items should you tackle first? Which regulations do you need to take into account?

Consultants from NRG help you with the necessary analyses. We perform these analyses for:

  • New and existing reactors
  • During the design phase and entire life cycle of the reactor

We apply our methods, techniques, knowledge and experience gained in the nuclear sector regularly to:

  • Water/flooding safety, storm surge barriers and other safety related artworks
  • Infrastructure
  • Windturbines

We support you with a wide range of qualified analyses and computer codes.

Thermo-hydraulic analyses

How does your facility react to incidents? Do you want to know more about the thermal-hydraulic safety aspects of your facility?

We use qualified computer codes to model the behavior of your facility. For both Research & Development and commercial projects, we are ready to support you.

Nuclear thermal-hydraulic analyses
Thermo Hydraulische Analyses


SPECTRA is our in-house developed code for thermal-hydraulic analyses. The code is used for a multitude of applications and can be specifically tuned to your needs. It can perform calculations for every possible nuclear facility

  1. Efficient and user friendly
  2. Completely tailor made for your facility
  3. Easily swap between different coolants

Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)

Probabilistic risk analyses (also called probabilistic safety analyses) help you quantify risks. You gain insight in where the largest risks of your facility are located. This enables you to make your facility safer, in an efficient and focused manner.

NRG offers:

  • Design and maintenance of PRA: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
  • Supporting deterministic analyses 
  • Tailor-made training on all PRA subjects
Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) 480X480
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) En Risk Management

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Risk management

Identifying and mitigating risks are vital to risk management. To control risks successfully, identifying and understanding potential hazards is essential.

Risks with a human origin as well as machine based risks are estimated with different methods, such as:

  • ‘What if’ analysis
  • FMEA
  • LOPA

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