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ReGuard in a nutshell

Are you responsible for the organisation of radiation protection within your company? Do you want to be fully in control? Or is the current method not efficient enough? Are you looking for a useful tool, so you can focus on other responsibilities? With ReGuard, the right tool is within reach.


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What is ReGuard?

ReGuard supports you in working with radiation in a safe and responsible manner. The software helps you manage all responsibilities that stem from a nuclear licence, such as:

  • An overview of all sources of radioactivity (appliances, open and/or contained sources)
  • An overview of all personnel in the radiation protection organisation
  • Dosimetry results
  • Risk analyses
  • Waste management

You supply the scope of the licence. ReGuard will actively test if everything remains compliant with your licence. This results in the following advantages:

  • All relevant information concerning radiation protection contained in a single system
  • Integrated licence monitoring and warning function
  • Clear management of the system, understandable for anyone in the organisation
  • 24/7 online access: accessible and safe

Because all licensing matters are registered in one environment and the application uses smart signaling, ReGuard helps our organization to be compliant. - Paul Kooij, Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReGuard?
ReGuard is an online digital Nuclear Energy Act administration tool. It offers integrality, certainty and user-friendliness.

What is a Nuclear Energy Act dossier (NEA dossier)?
A NEA administration tool is a mandatory dossier that must be created when working with radiation. All relevant parts of the radiation protection organisation must be included in this dossier.

Am I obliged to keep a Nuclear Energy Act dossier?
When you work with radiation, you are obliged to keep a Nuclear Energy Act dossier. The inspectorate checks for the presence and completeness of the Nuclear Energy Act dossier.

Have I fulfilled my obligation under the Nuclear Energy Act to run an administrative management system, if I purchase ReGuard?
The correct filling of the NEA dossier can make or break its quality. And ReGuard helps with that. You will be informed via signalling on the dashboard which data are missing. You remain responsible for the content of the Nuclear Energy Act dossier, but ReGuard will provide optimal support.

How is the continuity of ReGuard guaranteed?
ReGuard is owned by NRG. Continuity is guaranteed through an in-house software team.

How is the confidentiality of my data guaranteed?
Access to your data is secured. Our software is subject to security tests, so we guarantee the confidentiality of your data. You decide who gets access to your data and what they are allowed to do in the digital Nuclear Energy Act dossier.

When is your helpdesk available?
Do you have any questions about the use of ReGuard? Contact the Service Desk via or +31 (0) 224-56 8282, choose option 4. This helpdesk is available on working days between 8:30 and 17:00 hrs.


Want to know more?

Questions about using ReGuard? Please contact the Service Desk. This helpdesk is available on working days between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.

RPS Support
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